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Lyfe is here to make your life easier



Play Music

play music in your server with optimal sounds, no ads, no delay. 100% hot beats. it supports YouTube video's, YouTube playlists and you can search for videos. it can also help you get lyrics and with the master command you can skip songs, see the queue and many more.


configure your lyfe in any shape you want, take care of it like a child... just don't abuse it also some stuff are only seen once activated.



who doesn't love a little gambling, with lyfe you can use your ingame currency to gamble away... (were not responsible for any damage) you can claim your LT(Lyfe Tokens) daily or work by getting a job, you can get a job by leveling up. It's synced so no seperation by servers.


moderate in the easy wave, we have 3 set ranks with different permissions, check the link out to find out what each rank can do. everything is logged with usefull information which will help the owners see what's happening in there server.



Lyfe can help you educate better or share information for every user to see. in this example you can use every math problem like sqrt(3^2 + 4^2) or something easy like u see here.

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